THESE are the top 10 baby names for girls and boys


THESE are the top 10 baby names for girls and boys


First names top 10: Hardly any movement among girls, but innovations among boys


The Society for the German Language (GfdS) has identified the most common first names in 2020. Emilia, Hanna(h) and Emma came first for the girls and Noah, Leon and Paul for the boys. The real surprise comes at number 4 with Matteo in four spellings, who has catapulted himself up nine places from 13th to 4th place. Such leaps have been rare in recent years. While girls still have little movement and a lot of phonetic monotony, boys’ names are more dynamic.

The most common first names in 2020 – the previous year’s placement in brackets


  1. Emily (4)
  2. Hannah/ Hannah (1)
  3. Emma (2)
  4. Sophia/ Sofia (5)
  5. Mia (3)
  6. Lena (6)
  7. Mila (9)
  8. Elena (8)
  9. Leah/ Leah (11)
  10. Clara/ Clara (7)


  1. Noah (1)
  2. Leo (4)
  3. Paul (3)
  4. Mat(h)eo/Matt(h)eo (13)
  5. Ben (2)
  6. Elijah (8)
  7. Finn (10)
  8. Felix (7)
  9. Henry/Henry (6)
  10. Louis/Luis (5)

First name statistics as a decision-making aid for baby names

A happy mother kisses her baby's feet while she is lying down.  The baby is looking up at her wearing a white baby growing.

Do you look more like a Hanna or a Marie? Parents are spoiled for choice when it comes to baby names.

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What do I name my child? Am I going with the trend, or am I trying to avoid having my child sit up and take notice with three others in class when the teacher calls out “Noah”? Of course, parents decide for themselves whether the list of the Society for German Language has an influence on the choice of baby name. But it can be an incentive and a help. You can find out the meaning behind the trend names and other first names here:
READING TIP: Name meaning: What does your first name mean?

Stefanie and Christian: Society for the German Language has been collecting data since 1977

The Society for the German Language in Wiesbaden has been publishing the most popular first names since 1977. The statistics began 44 years ago with Stefanie and Christian in first place. Via Katharina and Daniel in the 80s it then went to the 2019 winners Hanna(h) and Noah.

The GfdS receives the data from numerous German registry offices, including the registry offices of all state capitals, most major cities, the district and independent cities. But also many small registry offices and those without a large maternity department send the association the first names they have registered with them. In this way, around 90% of all first names registered in Germany last year are currently recorded and evaluated.


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