The most popular baby names 2021


The most popular baby names 2021 – Name researcher makes a forecast for first names


There is movement in the top 10 – well, is your favorite name included?


Hardly anything has changed in the top 10 most popular baby names for years. Ben and Emma were the undisputed number one for years. Mia, Hannah, Sophia as well as Leon, Paul and Finn also got places at the top of the ranking list. But now things could look different if you believe hobby name researcher Knud Bielefeld. In the video, he tells us which previous “leaders” will have a hard time in the next few years and we find out what the meaning of the most popular names is.

Reading tip: “Alexa, turn on the light!” – If the child is called like a computer assistant

Ben and Sophia could be kicked out

According to the name analyst, the long-time leader Ben in particular will not only no longer be the most popular boy name, but may also drop out of the top 10. “This is the result of the downward trend in the first name Ben in recent years,” Bielefeld told “t-online”. While two percent of all newborn boys were named Ben in 2018, in 2019 it was only 1.76 percent.

According to name researchers in Bielefeld, Emma could slip to fourth place. Sophia, who was fifth last year, could also drop out of the top 10.

Here is the forecast at a glance

Most Popular Baby Names 2021 – Prediction

Top 10 girl names Boy names top 10
1. Emilia 1. Matteo
2. Hannah/Hanna 2. Fynn/Finn
3. billion 3. Noah
4.Emma 4. Paul
5. Ella 5. Emile
6. Lina 6.Henry/Henri
7. Frieda 7.Leon
8. Marie 8. Elijah
9. Mila 9. Theo
10. Leah 10.Felix

Then there are the unpopular names

But alongside winners and popular first names, there is always the opposite – the unpopular names. Including the classics like Chantal and Kevin. Names that unfortunately often have negative connotations. But the name Greta, which was still extremely popular in 2019, thanks in part to Greta Thunberg, is currently more of a slow seller. A survey by “YouGov” collects other first names that are more bad than right. Read here what else they are.

These first names were rejected by the registry office

Some parents deliberately do not want to give their child a common first name. But when they are looking for a special name, some come up with such bizarre ideas that the registry offices do not allow them, for the sake of the children. Here, an expert from the Society for the German Language (GfdS) in Wiesbaden reveals which unusual first names were rejected.

What are popular first names at the moment? How do I find the right name for my baby? Hit lists and useful information about first names can be found here.

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